1997 Wings over Batavia Air Show

Announcer: Bill Lowe

Military Demonstrations
  • US Air Force F-15 Eagle Demo
  • Warbird Parade (AN-2, B-17, B-25, C-47, PBY Catalina, PT-19, P-51, T-6)

Civilian Demonstrations

  • The Horsemen (P-51)
  • Cool Cut Showcopters (Robinson R-22)
  • Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team (Christen Eagle)
  • Red Baron Stearman Squadron (Stearman A-75)
  • Six of Diamonds Flight Team (T-6)
  • Misty Blues Sky Diving Team
  • Bob Hosking (Hughes 300 helicopter - Otto)
  • Chuck Lischer (Marchetti F-260)
  • Frank Ryder (DeHavilland Chipmunk)
  • Gene Soucy (Showcat)
  • Jim Parker (YAK-55M)
  • Patty Wagstaff (Extra 300S)
  • Stan Segalla (Piper Cub)
  • Teresa Stokes Wing Walking (Gene Soucy Showcat)