Tomcat Sunset

The Tomcat Sunset took place between 20 and 23 September 2006 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Tickets were available for the events that were planned to celebrate the retirement of one of the world’s greatest aircraft.

The pinnacle of these events was to be the Final Flight ceremony, taking place aboard Naval Air Station Oceana on 22 September.  Several F-18s from former F-14 squadrons were on static display along with a single F-14, Felix 103.  The Final Flight was scheduled to be flown in Felix 102 by Commander Jim Howe, Commanding Officer of VF-31 with Lieutenant Commander Bill Lind acting as the Radar Intercept Officer.  At the last minute, Felix 102 suffered a generator failure and the final flight was flown in the spare aircraft (Felix 107) by Lieutenant Commander Chris Richard and Lieutenant Mike Petronis.