2004 Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show

Announcer: Frank Kingston Smith

Demonstration Teams

  • US Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team
  • US Army Black Daggers Parachute Team

Military Demonstrations

  • Fleet Flyby
  • US Navy Air Power Demo (F-14 / F-18)
  • US Navy E-2 Hawkeye Demo
  • US Navy F-14 Tomcat Demo
  • US Navy F-18 Hornet Demo
  • US Navy F-18 Super Hornet Demo
  • US Air Force A-10 Warthog Demo
  • US Air Force F-15 Eagle Demo
  • US Air Force T-6 Texan II Demo
  • Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet Demo
  • US Navy H-3 Sea King Flyby
  • US Air Force B-2 Spirit Flyby
  • US Navy Legacy Flight (F-14 / F-18 / F4U)
  • US Air Force Heritage Flight (A-10 / F-15 / F-86 / P-51)

Civilian Demonstrations

  • Skytpers (SNJ-2)
  • Bill Reesman (MiG-17)
  • Dale Snodgrass (F-86 Sabre)
  • Dan Buchanan (hang glider)
  • Gene Soucy (Showcat)
  • Kent Shockley (Shockwave)
  • Lee Lauderbach (P-51)
  • Mike Goulian (Extra 300S)
  • Teresa Stokes Wing Walking (Gene Soucy Showcat)
  • Sean D. Tucker (Challenger II)

The highlight for me at the 2004 Oceana show was getting to spend Saturday with Lieutenant John “Roll” Keiser, the Radar Intercept Officer with the F-14 Tomcat Demonstration Team.  I was able to witness the pre-flight and start-up of the Tomcat demonstration from the hot ramp as Roll’s “special guest.”  I also had the privilege to meet Roll’s partner and pilot, Lieutenant Anthony “Opie” Walley, who would go on to fly with the Blue Angels in 2006 and 2007 in the Right Wing (#2) position with the team.