1999 Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show


  • Larry Strain
  • Ray Norton

Demonstration Teams

  • US Navy Blue Angels
  • Canadian Air Force Snowbirds
  • US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team
  • Canadian Skyhawks Parachute Team

Military Demonstrations

  • Fleet Flyby
  • US Navy Air Power Demo (F-14 / F-18)
  • US Navy F-14 Tomcat Demo
  • US Air Force F-15 Eagle Demo
  • US Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Demo
  • Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet Demo
  • US Air Force B-1 Lancer Flyby
  • US Navy Legacy Flight (F-14 / F-18 / F4U)
  • US Air Force Heritage Flight (F-15 / F-16 / P-51)

Civilian Demonstrations

  • The Horsemen (P-51)
  • Red Baron Stearman Squadron (Stearman A-75)
  • Starfighters (Lockheed F-104)
  • Bill Reesman (MiG-17)
  • Dale Snodgrass (T-6)
  • Dan Buchanan (hang glider)
  • Jim Franklin (Red Rocket)
  • Kyle Franklin Wing Walking (Jim Franklin Red Rocket)
  • Kent Shockley (Shockwave)
  • Patty Wagstaff (Extra 300S)
  • Tom Klaussen (SU-26)

Pamphlet that was distributed in the Hampton Roads area to advertise the 1999 Air Show.